Library Hosts Malice in Wonderland Murder Mystery

Every year the library holds a Murder Mystery event, but the one on an Alice year lends itself to special theme: Malice in Wonderland!  On Friday, February 7, the students were welcomed to a somewhat more sinister Wonderland since a “murder” took place and an arrest was made after students solved the mystery using library resources.

To start the evening, the host, Amanda Sullivan, greeted the students as they arrived, many in delightful Wonderland inspired costumes. As the students entered into a lovely tea party, they interacted with the culprits, I mean characters. Alice, played by Corinne Zibell, a Media Services student worker, twirled in her skirt, while Jake Vaccaro, as the Mad Hatter, tried to take tea with everyone. As the Cheshire Cat Jess Jackson caused havoc, flipping and swatting at the cards, played by Carrie Nichols and Natalie Dwigans from Technical Services. The Cheshire Cat also thoroughly annoyed the Queen of Hearts, played by alumna Jennifer Williams to great, and hilarious, effect. Rachel Porter, as the white rabbit, was declaring to everyone we were going to be late, while the caterpillar, played by Andrew Nye, leisurely puffed on his hookah. After the students took their tea and dined on delicious treats provided by Oak Leaf Catering, like mushroom cupcakes and sandwiches arranged in checkerboard design, a scream from the Cheshire Cat pierced the air.

Once the students got into groups, and the rules of the game were explained, they were off with their first clue to figure out who killed the Cheshire Cat, with what, and where! The clues took the students all over the library and had them engage with our resources to unravel the mystery. The first team that completed all of their clues ended up winning since they guessed that Alice committed the crime, with poison tea, at the croquet court. Once they were declared the winners, they gathered their prizes from the table laid out with Alice themed ornaments, charms, and buttons. Prizes were also awarded to the best colored picture and the best costumes. Needless to say the Queen loved being the judge of these contests!

Students ended the night by eating more food, talking, singing and dancing, and asking what next year’s theme will be for the murder mystery so they could start working on their costumes. When it was announced the theme for next year’s event will be Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, the students got very excited and one declared the title her favorite book. The library staff is already looking forward to hosting the ghouls, zombies, and the Bennet family and friends next year!

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