Library Display Features Italian Artifacts

Back in August when Adjunct Professor of Italian Sandra Pesoli started getting ready for her semester, she reached out to Amanda Sullivan and Jacob Vaccaro at the Carlyle Campbell Library to propose the creation of an Italian display using artifacts.A display case of Italian artwork.

She knew the display would be a powerful way to spark curiosity in our community about Italy, the Italian people, the Italian language, and the Italian culture. 

She also knew an Italian artifacts display would benefit the library as well because these kinds of displays can serve as a dynamic and engaging way to enhance the library’s educational and cultural mission.

Luckily for Pesoli, Sullivan and Vaccaro both liked her idea. They found a place for her display, provided feedback along the creation process, and helped her advertise on social media.

Using artifacts was crucial for Pesoli because these objects are able to represent cultural diversity by offering insights into the traditions, values, and practices of various communities. All of which promote much-needed cultural awareness, respect, and appreciation for others.A ceramic fish.

The display provides students and any other patron of the library with a hands-on experience with tangible and authentic Italian objects. You can learn by looking, touching (with special permission), and reading. Professor Pesoli meticulously explains each object in a document accessible via a QR code positioned next to the display. 

The display is located in the library’s main floor next to the Creation Station and will be available for the rest of the semester. 

Pesoli wishes you will enjoy it: “Spero vi piaccia

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