Celebrating Student Achievement Day 2019

On Celebrating Student Achievement (CSA) Day, the Meredith community and guests celebrate a year of academic and research accomplishments by Meredith students. The full day of events includes a research conference, awards ceremonies, dance and musical performances, art exhibits, panel discussions, and more. This year CSA Day will be held on Thursday, April 11.

As is always the case, research topics are diverse, ranging from self-esteem in female student athletes to insect biodiversity in Raleigh, from how women with mental illness are portrayed in theatrical literature to the effects of social media in the tourism industry.

Meredith’s Undergraduate Research Program is exceptionally strong, with 51% of students engaging in serious research projects, compared to 24% nationally.  According to this Admissions Blog post on undergraduate research, conducting research under the supervision of a full-time faculty member enhances students’ career and graduate school prospects. In addition, the Council for Undergraduate Research reports that students who participate in such programs develop important skills that are highly valued by employers including critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and intellectual independence.

Meredith also supports undergraduate research financially, having provided students with approximately $35,000 in grants over the past four years to support both their research on campus and student travel for presenting their research all over the U.S. Meredith has also awarded more than $400,000 in grants over the past seven years in support of students’ summer research.

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