Becoming Stronger Through Internships – Whitley Holt

Like many 18-year-olds, Whitley Holt, ’17, didn’t yet have a plan for her future when she arrived at Meredith as a freshman. Now, she graduates with confidence in her strengths and the knowledge that she is ready for the next step in her journey.

“Meredith College expects a lot out of its students,” Whitley said. “The rigor of my education here has prepared me for my future.”

Whitley has earned a double major in business administration and psychology as well as minors in accounting and English. A Broyhill Business Fellow, Whitley has been accepted into several MBA programs and is in the process of deciding which one best suits her goals.

“Meredith has prepared me for this next chapter by providing me with a well-rounded education, leadership enrichment, and by helping me develop professional skills necessary for graduate school and the workforce,” Whitley said.

Study abroad has been a major part of her Meredith experience.

“I have traveled all around the globe with my Meredith sisters,” said Whitley, who completed summer programs in the United Kingdom, Belize, and Italy, during her freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

While in Belize, she and fellow student Macy Allen took an independent study course in which they studied post-colonialism and feminist schools of thought in Belizean literature. They presented their research at Meredith the following fall.

Whitley said Meredith has helped her build upon her strengths by providing leadership opportunities. She has completed internships with the Office of the United States Attorney, Eastern District, and at VIETRI, a North Carolina-based company that imports Italian housewares.

Academics have kept Whitley busy but she found time to participate in Cornhuskin’ each year. “Traditions make Meredith special and help us to bond in unique ways,” she said. “I met some of my greatest friends through our late night practices.”

Mentoring relationships with faculty are another lasting benefit of the Meredith experience, Whitley said.

“Faculty and staff have pushed me to do my absolute best. They have believed in me, nurtured my potential, and helped to open doors to opportunities. Meredith has pushed me to work hard and chase my dreams.”

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