Richa Kulkarni

Richa Kulkarni, ’17, was a strong student in Meredith’s MBA Program and she also helped other students find success.

An MBA Program tutor, Richa managed a study lab for all Meredith’s MBA foundation courses.

“Managing the study lab gave me an opportunity to connect with other MBA students,” Richa said. “It was a ‘learn and grow’ process.”

One of her favorite memories is when another MBA student earned an A in a course, crediting the success to Richa’s tutoring. This kind of support is what drew Richa to Meredith’s MBA program.

“The small classes and the fact that professors believe in providing a quality education are reasons I chose Meredith,” Richa said. “My professors believed in me and opened doors of knowledge for me.”

Richa put into practice the knowledge and skill she gained at Meredith, combining the knowledge she gained through earning her MBA with extensive software development and mentoring experience in diverse industries.

She is proud that she met the challenges of a rigorous academic program, including during the MBA Capstone course.

“Capstone is a huge challenge, and needs almost 40 hours of study each week,” Richa said. “Managing a full-time job, being a full-time mom, and 40 hours of study was a challenge. This taught me how to manage my time efficiently and study smart.”


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