A Successful Future in Healthcare – Meredith White

From the moment she stepped onto the campus of Meredith College as a transfer student from a large university, Meredith White ,’15, knew she was “home.” And, now, as an alumna and a woman chasing after her dreams, White credits her experience at Meredith for the person she has become and the success she is experiencing today.

“The best part about being at a women’s college was the welcoming, empowering, and accommodating environment that allowed me to be comfortable speaking up in class and gaining the confidence to seek out leadership roles on campus,” said White.

As a biology major with a psychology minor, White knew she wanted to do something in the healthcare field. After graduation, she enrolled in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program at Duke University where she is just one semester away from graduating. White gives all the credit to Meredith for her success at Duke and for helping her accomplish her dream of being in the healthcare field.

“One thing I have truly come to realize and appreciate over the course of the year is how well Meredith College prepared me for nursing school,” said White. “Academically, I was able to keep up with the fast-paced nature of an accelerated program and passed my courses with flying colors. I felt confident speaking up in class and being an active participant in group projects because of the confidence and leadership skills I gained at Meredith.”

During her time at Meredith, White served as a resident assistant for first-year students in Heilman, a teaching assistant in the biology department, and an Honor Council class representative. She also participated in the Emerging Leaders Seminar Series and was inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beta Beta, and Kappa Nu Sigma academic honor societies.

Because of the support she received from the faculty and staff at Meredith, White was able to look forward to her future as a nurse with confidence. She thanks the professors and staff at Meredith for being genuinely interested in her goals and for investing in her future.

“The option to attend Meredith presented itself during a time in my life when I was at a crossroads, and choosing to come to Meredith was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” said White. “The small, close-knit community, opportunities to be involved in campus life, dedicated faculty and staff, and a classroom environment conducive to learning and success were invaluable to my growth as a student, woman, and future nurse.”

White is confident that the leadership and communication skills that she gained at Meredith prepared her to be successful in the healthcare environment.

“The opportunity to attend Meredith is such a gift. Enjoy every minute of it.”

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