Discovering New Talents – Maggie Mauney

Maggie Mauney, ’17, who is completing a B.A. with a contract major in musical theatre, has discovered how a willingness to change your mind can open new possibilities.

“My biggest mistake at Meredith was staying in a major because I was afraid to change it,” she said. “After the first couple of weeks of school I had declared my major…[but] by my junior year, what I wanted to do had shifted. I was too afraid of changing my major so late into my college career.”

Maggie discussed her fear with one of her professors who told her about the possibility of designing her own major. Not only was she able to find a way to create a major “that would satisfy all of [her] future career needs,” Maggie also learned an important lesson.

“I learned it is okay to reach out and ask for help. There are so many wonderful people at Meredith who want to help, but the first step is to ask.”

Maggie says Meredith has provided her a place “to grow into [and] discover new talents.”

“Every class I take or opportunity I am offered … encourages me to dig deeper and I always discover something new.”

She found an unexpected strength through a stagecraft class she took during her senior year.

“Before I took stagecraft, I feared using power tools, but by the end of the semester I was confident in my abilities to use power tools and electric saws,” she said. “It gave me a new skill set that I never imagined I would possess and gave me an advantage going into a male-dominated field.”

In addition to building sets, Maggie has gained valuable leadership, directing, and performance experience by interning with the North Carolina Theatre Conservatory and working with Meredith Ensemble Theatre.

One of her greatest sources of inspiration has been the camaraderie among the diverse women who attend Meredith.

“We support and build each other up instead of tearing each other apart,” Maggie says. “There is nothing better than sitting and talking with people different from you and learning from each other and being able to inspire one another.”

After graduation, she plans to move to Charlotte, N.C., and audition for TV and film roles. She also hopes to work on a cruise ship as an entertainer.

Whatever her future holds, Maggie is confident in her ability to succeed. “Meredith has prepared me for this next chapter in my life by challenging me to be the best I can be in every aspect of my life, but particularly in performing.”

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