The Road to Medical School – Laura Dugom

A senior biology major with a chemistry minor, Laura Dugom, ’16, discovered at Meredith a desire to work in healthcare. But her two internships at Curamericas Global cemented her goal to become a doctor.

Curamericas is a nonprofit organization that provides mothers and children in areas of need with critical health services and education. Members of the organization delivered a presentation to Laura’s introductory public health class a couple of years ago that inspired her to seek out an internship.

Little did she know it would change her life.

“Everyone I worked with at Curamericas was very passionate about what the organization advocates for. Maternal and child healthcare is what I did some of my undergraduate research in and is the population that I want to work with in my career. This internship also sparked my interest in serving underprivileged areas.”

Laura’s experience at Curamericas continues to shape her daily life as a Meredith student, with everything from group projects to research.

“This internship has taught me to work in an office setting, and the importance of collaboration and communication, which is all-important in medicine. Above all, I learned that you have to be passionate and take the career path that you choose seriously.”

Interning twice for Curamericas – once during fall 2014 and again in summer 2015 – has evolved into a valuable work experience for Laura that continues today. She remains connected to the organization, helping with fundraising and events.

After graduating in May, Laura plans to use the following year to prepare for the MCAT, continue taking upper level science courses, and further her research.

The end goal? Apply to medical school.

“I think that the biggest thing I have gained from my internship experience is the solidification of what I want to do with my future. I am equally nervous and excited to pursue medical school, and I fully intend to go strong wherever I end up.”

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