Krystee Chase

Now a human resource (HR) professional, Krystee Chase, ’18, is a former Wings student who knows Meredith College provided her with the tools she needed to excel in her career.

Krystee came into Meredith concerned about the time that had passed since she had been in school, but the Wings – Adult Education program boosted her confidence and she excelled as a result.

“The tailored support for my educational development attracted me to the Wings program,” said Krystee. “It provided me with a community within the sisterhood of Meredith which gave me a sense of belonging.”

Krystee chose Meredith because of its inviting atmosphere and the educational support the Wings program offers. “What I enjoyed most about attending a women’s college was having a relaxed environment where women could proudly celebrate one another’s accomplishments,” said Krystee. “This fellowship empowered us all to lean on one another for encouragement.”

She received her Bachelor of Science degree with cum laude distinction in business administration and a concentration in HR management. She embraced the opportunity to get involved by participating in many organizations around campus, from honor societies to Women In New Goals Setting (WINGS), which provided a lot of support and built her morale.

Her dedication to educational success paid off. She became a recipient of the 2016-17 Meredith College School of Business Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Challenge for Best Idea, was a semi-finalist for the Meredith College Social Entrepreneurship Challenge, and led an HR Audit Research presentation on CSA Day at Meredith.

“These opportunities enriched my educational experience by providing an outlet to collaborate with students outside of the classroom, gain leadership skills, and serve the community,” said Krystee.

She discovered a lot about herself during her time at Meredith. “I am more open to exploring new ideas and I have discovered new passions and interests, some of which were not even related to my major,” said Krystee.

She believes her relationships with faculty and staff, along with using her support system on campus, greatly enriched her experience. “Their approachability helped prepare me to succeed in the future,” Krystee said. “Knowing that I had somewhere to turn to when I felt overwhelmed was a relief.”

Krystee also gives credit to other students for making her four years at Meredith so memorable. “Attending a women’s college empowers us all to work together and open doors for one another,” said Krystee. “The goal-oriented women at Meredith kept me motivated and reminded me of what I came here to do.”

Krystee is especially proud of the academic scholarships she received. Her dedication as a student made her a top candidate to receive scholarships from Meredith’s School of Business, the Wings program, and various human resources organizations.

Her ability to adapt and overcome trials in her life allowed Krystee to become a stronger person. “Balancing life as a working mom and as a full-time student, along with unforeseen occurrences, was the biggest challenge that I faced. I learned that my drive and determination will not allow me to become defeated.”

By Leigh Ann Charles, ’19

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