Kelsey McCleave

“As a non-traditional male student, I thought it would be awkward going to Meredith. However, I found out quickly that the faculty and staff are amazing and the students are, too! I can remember going to the student center daily to the large study room and sitting in with five or six of my classmates and writing out chemistry problems on the board or DNA sequences to code for genetics. Meredith is one great big family and if you want to succeed they will make sure it happens!

I believe that I am strong because of the community of people I surround myself with. It has been important for me to lean on my family’s support and support at Meredith. The professors made it their business to make sure everyone was supported and felt connected. Even at this time, I am able to reach out to any of my professors and receive prompt responses and help.

If anyone has taken a class with Dr. Andrus they know it is not an easy task. When I matriculated over the summer of 2019, I had the naïve idea that I would breeze through the classes because, after all, I was a master’s level student coming back to take undergraduate-level classes.

But Dr. Andrus encouraged us to think differently in the way we learn. I realized that the status quo was not going to get me a post-bac certificate at Meredith. He taught us not only to learn the information as fact but how to apply that information to different scenarios. He was tough in the classroom and expected nothing but excellence. He would open his office up to you and provide as much extra support as you needed.

Completing the pre-health post-baccalaureate certificate program allowed me to apply to Physician Assistant (PA) school. I will be attending Campbell University – Meredith professors who agreed to write me recommendations even after a year of being out of school connected with me and wrote me letters of evaluation. Eventually, I hope to serve as a PA in rural North Carolina.”

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