Setting a Vision Into Motion – Jessica Feltner

Armed with her Meredith College degree in history, Jessica Feltner, ’15, headed to California after graduation to pursue a master’s degree in Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Her senior research project at Meredith was on shifting gender norms during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which helped developed her historical analysis and writing skills. In her graduate program, she plans to focus on modern Chinese history and improve her language skills.

Jessica credits Meredith faculty and staff with helping her prepare for graduate school.

“I was able to get the guidance and resources necessary to figure out my next steps,” Jessica said. “Everyone I approached, from my professors to [Career Planning], was willing to give me input on my application materials.”

Jessica earned membership in three honor societies at Meredith. She also served as editor of The Meredith Herald and was vice president of the History and Politics Club. She appreciates the skills she gained in both of these roles.

“As the editor-in-chief, I was able to get to know the Meredith community inside and out, as well as improve my writing and leadership skills,” Jessica said. “I took it very seriously because I had a responsibility to provide a platform for student voices on campus issues and current events.”

The History and Politics Club was an opportunity for her to apply her academic interests “to creative and fun projects with other enthusiastic students.”

Jessica found Meredith’s faculty to be “enormously supportive” – from general education faculty and to those in her major.

“The history faculty have probably shaped my time here the most, from discussions on the historiography of the Qing Dynasty to giving advice on grad school,” Jessica said.

“At Meredith I learned that if you work hard enough and accept help from others, it’s entirely possible to carry out your vision for yourself and your community.”

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