Enriching Opportunities – Jasmine Williams

Studying abroad shaped Jasmine Williams’ experience at Meredith and these opportunities enriched her life.

Jasmine spent a semester in Botswana and a summer in the Meredith in Italy program.

“I had the chance to explore different cultures and really see different perspectives of the world while also getting to share my culture with others,” Jasmine said. She has also served as a study abroad peer advisor and student assistant in the Office of International Programs, which allowed her to help other students achieve their study abroad goals.

Jasmine is earning a double major in biology and public health with a minor in chemistry. She plans to attend graduate school in public health.

Active in student life at Meredith, Jasmine has conducted undergraduate research, and has been a student advisor for adult transfer students, a public health peer educator, and a teaching assistant in the biochemistry lab. She’s also proud of her leadership of Meredith’s Black Student Union, which she identifies as one of her most rewarding Meredith experiences.

Throughout her time at Meredith, Jasmine has found her ability to adapt to be a strength.

“I believe that my ability to adapt to any environment, having an open mind and an open heart, and a desire to take on the world makes me strong,” Jasmine said. “I am always open to new ideas and perspectives and I strive to learn more about others.”

Strong relationships with Meredith faculty and staff have been valuable. Biological sciences faculty Carolina Perez-Heydrich and Karthik Aghoram, Assistant Dean of Students Tomecca Sloan, and the staff in the Office of International Programs get special mention from her.

“They are so encouraging, helpful, full of knowledge, and understanding,” Jasmine said. “They have never given up believing in me, my goals, and my aspirations, and have been with me every step of the way for everything that matters most to me.”

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