A Dedication to Academic Excellence – Emily Chilton

From the moment Emily Chilton, ’18, stepped foot on the campus of Meredith College she knew she wanted to connect with as many people as possible and leave a lasting impact on everyone she met.

“One of the most amazing things about Meredith is the variety of opportunities to find community,” said Emily. “The college creates one such community itself, but students can always find a place for themselves – or even multiple places.”

Emily has been on the staff of the Meredith Herald for four years, serving as editor-in-chief for two. The Shoals, N.C., native is a member of five honor societies, where she served as president of Sigma Tau Delta, the English honor society, was a Class Day co-chair, and works in the Learning Center.

“Being a part of various groups while here at Meredith has allowed me to feel more connected and more at home while receiving my education,” said Emily. “Particularly, my time with the Meredith Herald has given me some of the best relationships and experiences of my college career.”

A double major in English and history, an Honors Scholar, and an active participant in campus life, Emily has faced many challenges throughout her time at Meredith, but she has used them as a source of strength and learned a lot about herself in the process.

“I’ve gained an understanding of myself as a scholar. I’ve become more open-minded, gaining a better understanding of other perspectives and ideas,” said Emily. “I think what I’ve learned most about myself is the necessity of relationship. I love learning and I love school, but it’s impossible to do those things happily in a vacuum. Collaboration, discussion, and connection are all essential to my enjoyment of scholarship and work.”

Emily was selected as the 2017-18 Sarah Lemmon Award recipient from the Department of History, Political Science, & international Studies. This award is given to the program’s outstanding graduate of that academic year, in recognition of academic achievement, campus involvement, and clarity of career path.

From the moment she declared her majors, Emily started developing relationships with her faculty, and she credits those close relationships for paving the way for her future career, including her current internship with Duke University Press.

“My English faculty advisor, Dr. Grathwohl, has been a constant source of guidance, helping me decide how to structure my class schedule, looking over resumes and cover letters, and encouraging me to seek out internships, which directly led to my current position.”

As a result of her academic achievements and her commitment to excellence, Emily finds herself interviewing for a number of full-time positions, including an editorial assistant job with Carolina Academic Press and a staff writer position at UNC-Greensboro. She has also been offered a contract position with Duke University Press.

After a year or two in the workforce, Emily plans to apply to graduate school for English.

“My dedication to academic excellence along with my desire to connect with others makes me a strong Meredith College student,” said Emily. “My relationships with faculty and friends, combined with my commitment to performing academically, have allowed me to excel here.”

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