Powerful Work Ethic – Elizabeth Cox

When Elizabeth Cox, ’15, transferred to Meredith, she knew she wanted to complete her last two years of college at a smaller school, where she could take advantage of the personal nature of a Meredith education. She also hoped to take on some leadership roles, an option that was less available at the community college where she completed her associate’s degree.

She found the Meredith College Admissions staff easy to work with, thanks to their frequent and direct communication. She also appreciated how straightforward it was to apply and register for classes once accepted.

“Since I transferred as a junior, I was immediately assigned to a faculty advisor within my major,” said Elizabeth. “My advisor was so helpful in helping me select a balanced course load that would allow me to graduate as quickly as possible.”

Once on campus, Elizabeth made the most of Meredith’s contacts in the community by completing not one but three internships.

“I’ve interned with the North Carolina Republican Party, the United States Senate, and now the Civitas Institute. Combined with my courses, I’m more than prepared for a job after graduation!”

She also became the chair of the Meredith College Republicans club, and has participated in campus traditions like Cornhuskin’.

Elizabeth is in the process of preparing for next steps after she graduates. She’s applying to jobs in the Washington, D.C. area as well as law schools.

“I would like to see what opportunities are available to me, before I decide to pursue law school or start my career.”

No doubt Elizabeth’s next endeavor will go as smoothly as her transition to Meredith did, thanks to her strong planning skills and powerful work ethic.

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