Enriching Students – Elisabeth Pagach

Elisabeth Pagach, ’15, M.Ed., worked as an elementary school teacher until she decided to start a family. After taking time off to raise her three children, she knew she wanted to return to the classroom full-time – but wanted to be sure she was up-to-date on best practices in teaching.

A chance encounter with a former colleague and friend led to Elisabeth’s interest in the Meredith Master of Education (M.Ed.). Her friend shared that she was pursuing the Meredith M.Ed. while simultaneously raising four small children.

“I was amazed that she was able to commit time and energy to graduate school,” said Elisabeth. “[My friend] assured me that the Meredith faculty would be supportive of a student with a family.”

Encouraged by her colleague’s positive experience, Elisabeth decided to enroll in the program herself, seeking a degree with a focus on reading.

“My experience at Meredith has enabled me to develop my expertise as a reading specialist,” said Elisabeth. “I feel confident that I can support readers whether they need assistance or enrichment.”

Throughout the program, Elisabeth focused on her strengths, which include collaboration.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with teachers to develop effective lessons,” she said. “At Meredith, I was able to work side-by-side with amazing teachers to discuss issues and present solutions for some of the challenges we face as teachers.”

Elisabeth said she entered the Meredith M.Ed. with a few goals in mind – including brushing up on classroom technology and becoming proficient in helping students who struggle as readers.

“Those goals were achieved and then some,” Elisabeth said. “I am thrilled to say I understand what it means to be a teacher-leader.”

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