Achieving Her Goals – Cheyanne Moxley

When Cheyanne Moxley, ’19, transferred to Meredith College she found success in the small classroom environment. She also enjoys the support and encouragement the Meredith community provides.

“From advisors to professors, each person you talk to and work with is really invested in your success on a personal level,” said Cheyanne. “I met with Transfer Counselor Gina Wilner to learn about transferring to Meredith College, next steps, cost, etc., and she kept in contact with me throughout my transition and even called me personally before my acceptance letter was sent to let me know that I had gotten in.”

That personal investment has provided a boost in Cheyanne’s academic performance and confidence.

“I graduated from Wake Tech, got accepted to Meredith, and made the Dean’s List after being rejected from Meredith just a year prior,” said Cheyanne. “I’ve learned that you can achieve any goal that you set your mind to and that the only thing that can truly hold you back is yourself.”

As an exercise and sports science major with a concentration in health and wellness, Cheyanne takes a personal interest in helping people achieve their fitness goals. She is an employee in the Lowery Fitness Center on campus and serves as a group exercise instructor for the Working on Wellness (WOW!) at Work and Angels in Motion (AIM) programs for employees and students.

“I got interested in group exercise after taking Exercise Leadership,” said Cheyanne. “It inspired me to take the group exercise instructor certification. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with faculty, staff, and students to help them reach their fitness goals.”

This summer, Cheyanne completed an internship at Rex Wellness Center where she was able to observe fitness assessments and personal training sessions, teach and set up group fitness classes, and provide fitness equipment orientations. She also got to practice some of the skills that she has learned in the classroom when it comes to fitness assessments, such as blood pressure, skin folds, and strength tests.

“My supervisor really tried to expose me to as many different areas as possible and made sure I learned what I wanted to learn while I was there,” said Cheyanne. “It’s so important to get hands-on experience in order to feel confident in your skills. It was an amazing learning experience and it was also very rewarding to apply my knowledge from the classroom.”

After graduation, Cheyanne plans to work in cardiac rehabilitation, an area of exercise science that she finds to be very rewarding and challenging at the same time. She would also like to continue teaching group exercise classes and conducting personal training.

Cheyanne feels that Meredith has prepared her to reach her career goals through resume building, portfolio preparation, and providing opportunities to apply her knowledge in real-life situations. Her professors also helped her find a path based on her interests and strengths.

“Meredith is an exceptional institution that is truly focused on student success. Transferring was the best decision I could’ve made for my confidence and my career. Completing my degree here is truly an experience I’ll never forget.”

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