Improving Employees’ Wellbeing – Cathedia Rose

“I am currently Director of Operations for LightWire, Inc. The I-O psychology program helped me by providing me with the tools to improve hiring practices and performance appraisals with methods backed by a scientific practitioner approach.

I believe I-O psychologists will be able to assuage some of the impacts of COVID-19 and put systems in place to help with employee wellness, motivation, and team morale.

I-O psychology has a lot to offer in different environments. In the next few years, I see this field being instrumental in helping to address issues related to company cultures. I see this field contributing new creative ways to help with employee wellness, increasing workplace productivity, and reshaping our beliefs on how and where we perform work today.

Workplaces can benefit from hiring I-O psychologists because we offer a unique holistic approach to addressing problems using data-driven methods. We can offer support by improving processes like recruiting and selection to find the best candidate for the job. Furthermore, we help to fill the gap in communication and needs between the organization and its employees. Overall, workplaces would benefit from hiring an I-O psychologist because we help by finding solutions to problems that improve employees’ well-being and performance, which in turn helps the overall success of an organization.”