Caring for the Environment – Avary Briggs

“I chose to study environmental sustainability because of my love for this planet. I have always been a lover of nature and the environment, so I felt like the major was perfect for me.

I wanted to be a part of a tightly-knit college community, instead of a larger university with tens of thousands of students. I came to Meredith because of the smaller campus, smaller class sizes, and the sense of community. That way, I could more easily form closer relationships with faculty and other students.

At Meredith, I struggled when the COVID-19 pandemic hit during the spring semester of my freshman year. Everything was suddenly changing so quickly and the transition from in-person classes to online classes was tough. Transitioning back to all in-person classes after being fully online for my entire sophomore year was tough, too.

My relationships with faculty, staff, and other students helped me to push through even when times seemed to be difficult. They always kept me motivated and willing to succeed in life. And becoming a member of the Beta Beta Beta Honors Society helped me a lot to continue the drive I had to succeed. 

After graduation, I hope to get a job involving my degree – I am not sure where exactly just yet, but I have been interviewing for some positions.

In college, I have learned that I can do anything I can put my mind to and that I am much stronger than I thought I was. I learned that I can persevere even when things get hard.”