Bailey Dunn

Bailey Dunn’s empowering experience at Meredith College has prepared her to reach her goals.

“When I came to Meredith, I was a completely different person; I was really just a girl,” Bailey said. “Now, I’m a strong, independent, driven, and powerful woman. That’s because I had greatness expected of me.”

An active student leader, Bailey has served as an officer and president of Spectrum for four years.

“I worked with our executive board to restructure our organization into one that benefits the entire campus community,” she explains. “This taught me how to work toward a long-term goal, how to inspire a shared vision, and how to set in place ways for the community to thrive long after I leave.”

Undergraduate research played a big part in her Meredith experience. She worked for three years as an undergraduate researcher on two different projects, including Meredith’s first report on the Status of Girls in North Carolina. She was an officer in Meredith’s Sisters United service organization, participating in the group’s service trip to Ghana.

“I’ve built on my strengths by diversifying my academic and leadership experiences so I can better serve as a student, an inclusive leader, and an informed global citizen.”

Armed with degrees in sociology and criminology, Bailey plans to earn a graduate degree in higher education administration. She has gained experience toward her future career through internships with Meredith’s Office of Student Leadership & Service, and the National Association for Students Against Violence Everywhere.

“My time at Meredith has provided a wealth of relationships and networks with the incredible women in my classes and Meredith’s faculty and staff, which I know will be beneficial throughout my future career in higher education.”