Diving Into Dreams – Abbey Fogt

After moving to Wilmington, spending three years at a community college, and testing many different avenues, Abbey Fogt, ’18, realized she was pursuing the wrong career path.

“I dreamt of being able to put my creativity to use and using it as a tool within my lifelong job goals,” said Abbey. “After coming to terms with my decision to spread my wings and dive into my dreams, I applied to Meredith.”

During those years of reflection and searching, Abbey discovered her true passion. Art and creativity. And she knew she wanted a career where she could use those skills and expand her strengths.

After touring the campus, learning about the interior design program, and feeling completely at home and welcomed by the many advisors and professors she met during her campus visit, Abbey decided to transfer to Meredith. She felt it would allow her to completely drive her creative vision every day within her studies.

“When transferring to Meredith, I attended orientation before my very first day of classes. At orientation, I was paired with other women who were transfers, as well as going into the interior design program,” said Abbey. “I have never been more inspired by a group of women than the five I was blessed with at orientation. Throughout my first year, we pushed each other to succeed, aspire, and accomplish our goals.”

In addition to the inseparable bonds and lifetime friendships that she has formed with her fellow angels, Abbey has been significantly impacted by her professors and the interior design program.

“Our professors have challenged us to spread our wings and look towards creativity, not away from it,” said Abbey. “The expertise and skills that our professors provide to the interior design program is significant, and empowering to each and every woman that comes to Meredith seeking to be accepted and encouraged.”

Abbey, who is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, was invited to join Kappa Omicron Nu, which is one of her fondest memories. That experience has motivated her to be the best student she can be and to take advantage of the opportunities that Meredith has to offer.

“Meredith has helped me build on my strengths by encouraging me to pursue all of my hopes and dreams and making them come to life,” said Abbey. “The opportunities that I have been given at Meredith, including internships, informative meetings, and one-on-one help from professors have made me a stronger person.”

Just like every incoming student at Meredith, Abbey was introduced to StrongPoints, which helped her realize her positive qualities and how to accept them and apply them throughout her life.

“I was amazed when I was presented with my strengths through the Clifton Strengths assessment,” said Abbey. “I was always completely oblivious to my own strengths and how they could positively impact my life. With the help of Meredith, my friends, family, colleagues, and professors, I have now taught myself the importance of recognizing my strengths.”

The Raleigh native will complete her degree in interior design in December. She plans to find a full-time position with a local interior design firm while working and developing her own design business.

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