Fashion Merchandising & Design
At Meredith College

If you are a creative individual who is passionate about keeping up with today’s trends and has a deep love for fashion, then Meredith’s fashion merchandising and design major is for you. Meredith’s program effectively combines academics with industry, providing students with applied learning opportunities through internships, study abroad, and more.

"My advisor saw my potential and made sure I knew I could go big in the fashion industry. She made me feel heard and always reached out to me for opportunities to grow as a fashion student."

Our Fashion Major

Your education at Meredith will prepare you for jobs in retail, wholesale, and design by connecting you with the Triangle’s top fashion firms. You’ll acquire a strong foundation in the theories and practices used in the fashion industry and have many opportunities to apply what you have learned.

To build your skills and strengths, you will work with national designers in the local area, create window displays in retail stores, present fashion shows, and compete in design competitions.

Fashion Major Concentrations

The interdisciplinary program incorporates aspects of art, psychology, sociology, business, history, and science. In addition to the core curriculum, specific tracks within the fashion major will provide you with opportunities to specialize in one of two areas.

  • The study of forecasting the popularity of a product and ensuring it is introduced to the right market at the proper time by strategically using advertising, attractive displays, and more. 
  • Students who follow this track will gain the necessary skills in visual merchandising, brand development, wholesaling, and product development and will demonstrate effective communication, research, and critical thinking skills.


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Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

  • This art form is dedicated to applying design, aesthetics, and clothing construction to clothing and accessories, often influenced by culture and trends.
  • Students who follow this track will learn to solve problems creatively by using experiential learning in the classroom, industry, travel programs, and internships.

Fashion course descriptions »

Undergraduate course catalogue »

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

Why Study Fashion Merchandising & Design at Meredith?

  • Fashion majors complete internships with top designers, retailers, and magazines in the fashion world. Internships include
    • Design assistant for Michael Kors, New York City
    • Vogue Magazine, New York City
    • Wholesaler’s Assistant, Karen Kane, Raleigh, N.C.
  • Students have several study abroad opportunities, including
    • Summer study abroad programs in the fashion capital of Paris, where students live and study in the famous Latin Quarter of the city and earn six credit hours toward their degree.
    • Scholarships to study tuition free at the Paris American Academy during the fall semester of their junior or senior year.
    • General education courses at Meredith’s permanent location in Sansepolcro.
  • The program offers several resources for students, including an honor society and student organizations.
  • Fashion majors receive a structured, research, and experiential learning-based education. 
  • Examples of student success include 
    • Celeste J. Herrera, ’22, had always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. While attending Meredith, she fostered meaningful relationships with faculty and was chosen as a Rising Star Scholar. Celeste traveled to New York City to attend a National Retail Federation convention. She also received an internship at Belk, where she had the opportunity to strengthen her knowledge and skills.

Careers in Fashion Merchandising & Design

  • Students graduating with a degree in fashion merchandising and design are prepared for a wide array of potential careers. Recent Meredith graduates hold the following professional positions

    • Sales Rep for Findings Wholesaler, New York City
    • Buyer, Belk Store Services, Charlotte, N.C.
    • Accessories Buyer, Bloomingdales, New York City
    • Owner, Meg’s Place, Burlington, N.C.
    • Buyer, Cato Fashions, N.C.
  • Potential jobs for graduates with a fashion merchandising focus: fashion consultant, visual merchandiser, import/export manager, fashion buyer, fashion trend analyst
  • The average salary of someone in fashion merchandising makes $51,801 a year in the U.S.
  • Potential jobs for graduates with a fashion design focus: stylist, creative director, textile designer, graphic designer, business owner 
  • The average salary of someone in fashion design makes $64,260 per year in the U.S. but varies from state to state.
A student standing with a "Elie Saab" sign.

Fashion design major, Tiani Hinnant, ’24, has taken advantage of various opportunities during her time at Meredith College to help her become a strong leader.

Fashion merchandising and design major Celeste Herrera, ’22, gained valuable skills and experience through a powerful design internship, her involvement with a professional association, and a faculty mentor.

A fashion merchandising and design major, Tyler Pharr, ’21, is headed to New York City, where she’ll be pursuing a master’s degree in fashion studies with a concentration in fashion journalism at The New School.

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