Yunsik Choi

Yunsik Choi

Assistant Professor of Operations Management

Harris 225

(919) 760-8510

StrongPoints® Strengths: Restorative, Developer, Context, Learner, Harmony

Academic Credentials

Ph.D. in Operations & Supply Chain Management, Clemson University,  Clemson, SC

M.S. in Marketing, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

B.A. in Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Soonsil University, Seoul, Korea


PRODUCTION OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, May 5-8, 2017, Seattle, WA, USA, 28th Annual POMS Conference, Yunsik Choi, Lawrence D Fredendall, Aleda Roth, Babur De Los Santos, and Michael Makowsky, “Effects of Hospital Occupancy and Demand Variation (Patient Volume and Case Mix) on Hospital Performance ”

DECISION SCIENCES INSTITUTE, November 19-22, 2016, Austin, TX, USA, 47th Annual DSI conference, Yunsik Choi, Lawrence D. Fredendall, Aleda Roth, “Effects on Lean Operations on Continuous Improvement”

PRODUCTION OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, May 6-9, 2016, Orlando, FL, USA, 26th Annual POMS Conference, Yunsik Choi, Lawrence Fredendall, and Aleda Roth, ” Effects of Quality Improvement Practices on Problem-solving Behaviors: Application of Goal-setting theory”


Ida H. Friday Faculty Award 2023

Meredith College School of Business Scholar of the Year, 2022

Annual Meeting of Society for Marketing Advances, Orlando, FL, October 31-November 3, 2012., Choi, Yunsik, Jennifer Christie Siemens, and Jayoung Choi, “Donation Intentions and Competitive Altruism: A Comparison of East Asian and American Consumers”. Global & Cross-Cultural Marketing Best Paper Award


Oh, Jaeyoung, Yunsik Choi, and Joonhwan In (2022) “A Conceptual Framework for Designing Blockchain Technology Enabled Supply Chains” International Journal Of Logistics Research and Applications, 

Ogilvie, Kristie, Michael Altman, and Yunsik Choi (2021), “Why women are not in the live poker room and the evidence on how this could change,” Journal of Gambling, Business, and Economics, 14(1), 3-14. 

Kim, Ki-Young, Yunsik Choi, Sungyong Choi, and Jiyeon Choi (2021), “The effects of public perception of emergency medical service (EMS) on the brand equity of public health system,” Korean Society of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 44(3), 146-164.

Choi, Yunsik, Lisa Delise, Brandon Lee, and Jerry Neely (2021), “Effective Staffing of Projects for Reconciling Conflict between Cost Efficiency and Quality,” International Journal of Production Economics, 234(1), 108049. 

Siemens, Jennifer Christie, Mary Anne Raymond, Yunsik Choi, and Jayoung Choi (2020), “Donation Intentions of Korean and American Consumers: The Role of Normative Messages and Competitive Altruism,” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 28(2), 187-195.

Ferrand, Yann B., Jennifer Siemens, Danny Weathers, Lawrence D. Fredendall, Yunsik Choi, Ronald G. Pirrallo, Matthew Bitner (2016), “Patient Satisfaction with Healthcare Services: A Critical Review,” Quality Management Journal, Vol 23(4), 6-22.

Choi, Jayoung, Yunsik Choi, Youngho Kim, and Yongbum Kim (2011), “The Effect of Valence of e-WOM on Product Evaluation: Moderating Effects of Self-regulatory and Brand Awareness,” Korean Society for Consumer Advertising Psychology, 12(4), 683-711.

Choi, Jayoung and Yunsik Choi (2011), “Effects of Cause-Related Marketing Message on Product Evaluation: Moderating effects of Ad Appeals and Regulatory Focus”, Korean Society for Consumer Advertising Psychology, 12(1), 1-25.

Choi, Jayoung and Yunsik Choi (2009), “Analysis of Competitive Effects of Attitudes toward PB and NB on Purchase Intentions,” Korean Society for Consumer Advertising Psychology, 27(4), 69-80.

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