Dana Kadwell

Adjunct, Hospitality and Tourism

Harris 227

(919) 760-8025

(919) 621-1478


I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with Meredith College students in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program. As a business owner in the events industry, one of the favorite parts of my job is helping others navigate this dynamic industry. As a Meredith Alumnae, there is nothing more exciting than getting the opportunity to teach at a place I hold so dear.

My love for events was born at Meredith College when I was elected Cornhuskin’ co-chair my sophomore year. I had no idea how much I would love the planning, collaboration, and even the execution. I just wanted to win! But it was the journey and the sheer amount of pride in my fellow classmates that sealed the deal for me. I was hooked and right out of graduation I started a side hustle event planning company with my sister Courtney (C&D Events).

The side hustle turned into a full time job and soon we found ourselves with too much business and the desire to open a venue (The Bradford). We started building our team and scaling all the while finding our footing in this industry. We have been in this community of amazing people for 15 years and have learned and grown so much during that time.

This industry needs new and fresh perspectives. It is ever evolving because people are ever evolving. How clients communicate, what they are looking for, and what they find to be valuable changes year to year. As an employer I have found that with each generation they have created a new space in this industry that only enriches everyone in the community. As a former public school teacher I am thrilled to be able to take my passion and skills for business growth into the classroom, at my fabulous alma mater no less! I am so excited to be able to help usher in a new generation of planners, small business owners, chefs, florists, designers, and industry professionals with my role as Adjunct Faculty.

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