Presidents Campaign Message

Why Your Gift Matters

You no doubt know that our campaign has reached – and surpassed – its $75 million goal. Our donors’ generous gifts for scholarships, facilities, faculty and staff development, and more help ensure Meredith students, faculty, and staff have the resources they need to thrive here.

What you may not know is the specific impact those gifts make – the ways they ensure the health of the College and our community.

If you have given money for scholarships, you encourage the 95% of our students with academic merit and/or financial need to see Meredith as an option. For those students with academic talents, top institutions around the country are competing for their enrollment. Your scholarship gift raises the visibility of Meredith as a serious contender for their attention. For those students with financial need, most do not see college as even possible until they hear more about financial support that, through your generosity, we can provide. And if you designated your gift for special experiences – study abroad, undergraduate research, community-based learning, athletics, and more – your support infuses classes and friendships with opportunities to encourage leadership, creativity, and wonder.

If you have given money for facilities and infrastructure, your gift helps us create a safe, attractive environment where students connect with each other, with their faculty and staff mentors, and with their friends who visit. The renovation of Johnson Hall and the Elizabeth Triplett Beam Fountain Plaza provide a welcoming, fresh look for the campus, while the Jo Ellen Ammons Welcome Center serves our potential students and their families as a focal point for more information about Meredith. The Bobbitt Clay Williams Executive Suite allows our senior leaders access to one another for easier collaboration on top priorities for the College, while the Lowery Fitness Center provides a modern workout space for our entire community.

Other renovations – elevators, air conditioning, boilers/chillers, roofs, sidewalks, and a new electrical grid – are often “invisible,” until they break. With facilities-designated gifts, we air conditioned the kitchen of Belk Dining Hall for the first time, ensured electricity and technology had redundant backup systems in case of outages, reinforced the provision of hot and cold water for showers, cooking, laboratory experiments, and more.

And if you have given to faculty and staff development, your investment ensures the constant updates and information exchanges at the core of a sound education. As a result, our students gain greater up-to-date knowledge of their disciplines and greater confidence in their preparation for careers and lives beyond college.

Finally, if you designated your gift “for the greatest needs of the college,” we thank you for understanding the kinds of challenges that arise in running this small city with its 24/7 reliance on residences, dining, healthcare, instruction, special events, security, utilities, and more.

In total, you are fundamentally “mission critical” to the health and well-being of Meredith College. You and your gifts make a real difference every single day, and we could not be more grateful.

President Jo Allen, ’80

Contact Information
Cindy Godwin
Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement
(919) 760-8206