Taylor McGee

Taylor McGee​

It was a joy to come back to Meredith’s Art Department as an Artist-in-Residence and once again be a part of such a supportive community. In addition to receiving critical feedback on my work post-graduation, I really enjoyed getting to work with the students and learn from them! This residency gave me the time and space I needed after graduating to redefine and redirect, while finding inspiration and support to keep pursuing my art. 


During my residency I was working as the Education Coordinator at Artspace in downtown Raleigh. This year, I made the decision to leave my position to pursue my art and art business full time. Having space to create my own work is vital for me, and something I missed when working full-time. This residency helped show me that making art, being in a creative community, and teaching and sharing my passion isn’t just what I want to be doing, it’s what I need to be doing! 


My hopes for the future are to complete another residency, hopefully sometime this year. I am also re-connecting with art centers and organizations to teach workshops and classes more regularly. My main goal is to commit to my art – to truly give myself the time and space to create and sell work! I am exploring various outlets of selling – via Instagram, website, and local businesses and galleries. I’m also running a small pop-up art market called Curated Craft Market in Fuquay-Varina. A goal I always have is to keep creativity at the forefront of my life, whatever form that takes at the time!