Leah Jensen

Leah Jensen

Reflecting on my emerging artist residency experience at Meredith, I am grateful for the opportunity it provided me to advance my weaving practice and connect with students and faculty. The dedicated time and access to facilities allowed me to explore new directions in my work and refine my technical weaving abilities at a pace much faster than if I had been creating work on my own. Mentorship from faculty helped me develop my technical skill on the floor loom and opened my mind to career possibilities in the future.


Currently, I am delving into the world of graphic design as a freelancer. Although not directly related to weaving, my experience with the A.I.R. program has reinforced the same creative thinking, emphasis on process and idea generation, and craftsmanship skills that I apply to my graphic design projects. 


In the future, I aspire to build my weaving studio practice and offer my pieces for sale and consider teaching opportunities. Alongside that, I plan to continue to pursue graphic design and develop my skills in that area as well.

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