Minor in Art History
The art history minor prepares students who with to pursue careers in art management—in galleries, museums or community-based arts organizations—by developing critical thinking and communication skills and providing a solid foundation of art history knowledge. Students minoring in art history are required to complete 18 credit hours of art and art history courses, including one thesis or research course.

Minor in Arts Administration
The arts administration minor program is designed to build leadership, communication and critical thinking skills in students with a strong interest in the arts. Students minoring in arts management are required to complete 20 credit hours –14 hours of which are required core courses, 3 hours from an arts theory elective and 3 hours from a professional practices elective.

Minor in Photography
The photography minor makes connections between disciplines and prepares students to navigate a visual culture dominated by photographic images. Students examine important personal, social, cultural and environmental issues through photography. They develop skills in critical thinking and creative problem-solving as well as technical proficiency in both traditional and digital photographic practices. Students minoring in photography are required to complete 18 credit hours of courses focused on photographic concepts and techniques, digital imaging and graphic design.

Minor in Studio Art
The studio art minor offers students the opportunity to include a creative component in a well-rounded course of study. Students minoring in studio art are required to complete 21 credit hours of art, art history and elective courses.

Minor in Graphic Design
The graphic design minor provides the skill set needed in visual communication and the tools to contribute and work with information/marketing campaigns and creative professionals. Areas of study within the minor may include corporate design/branding, editorial design, advertising, book design, package design, digital media packaging, wayfinding/information design, and web design. Students minoring in graphic design are required to complete 21 credit hours.

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