Junior Leadership Conference Workshop Descriptions

Rebranding and Expanding Our Leaders of Tomorrow

Saturday, February 24, 2024​


Balancing Life and Leadership Responsibilities
Led by Riley Heeb, Meredith College Sophomore. Come talk about how to balance life and school with leadership responsibilities. Attendees will hear from a current Meredith student about strategies to put yourself first when having a lot of responsibilities and how to balance it all.

Collaborative Leadership and Management
Led by Jenna Grady, Meredith College student. Throughout this workshop, there will be insight into the ways in which our next generation leaders can learn skills to maintain and create effective and positive collaborative leadership relationships, and environments with others. Participants will discuss ways to build and maintain healthy collaborative relationships while also recognizing both the strengths and weaknesses and or the positives/negatives that can arise when leading during partnerships and collaboration with peers and organizations.

Dare to Lead!
Led by Emily Saylor, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Service, this session will apply the lessons from Brene Brown’s book, Dare to Lead. Students will learn to understand what daring leadership means and how to shed their own leadership armor to create more vulnerable and empathetic leaders.

Leading Your College Search: Meredith’s Strengths and Finding Your Fit
Led by Hannah Geelhart, Senior Admissions Counselor, this session will provide practical tips for finding your best fit for college and share more about Meredith’s unique opportunities. 

My Career Story: A Career Exploration Workshop
Led by Courtney Jordan-Steele, Career Counselor from the Office of Career Planning, this interactive experience is designed to help you reflect on your life and its impact on your career journey. Think of it as your personal guide to discovering who you are, where you want to go in the working world, and the steps you can take to find a job that’s a perfect fit for you!

Open Doors: Spilling the Accessibili-tea
Led by Lizzy King, Meredith College Sophomore and the Meredith Recreation Association (MRA) Accessibility Coordinator. This workshop goes into depth about accessibility and inclusivity and will include actions Meredith has taken to become more of those things and some interactive activities.

Women in STEM/Students in STEM
Led by Professor Jessica Thorpe, a panel of current Meredith students who are pursuing a career in STEM.

Women’s Leadership in an Age of Diversity
Led by Dr. Lori Brown, Professor of Sociology & Criminology at Meredith College, this presentation will focus on the importance of diverse female leaders, the issues they face and how we try to change things.

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