Your Complete Guide to Campus Visits

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The fall and spring are both great times to visit college campuses. Although summers are convenient because you probably have more free time, visiting colleges or universities while they are in session may give you a more realistic feeling for what the school’s culture is really like.

Here’s your complete guide to getting the most out of your campus visits, either virtually or in person:

Here’s Why Campus Visits Are Essential to Finding the Right College Fit

In this post, learn the importance of campus visits and why they’re a vital part of finding the right “fit.”

Who Does What on College Campuses

This post is your “who’s who” guide for college campuses – giving you context behind names and titles you’ll hear talked about frequently on your visit.

How to Spot (Really) Great Academic Advising

Effective academic advising is key to helping you have a great college experience (not to mention helping you graduate on time!). In this post, learn about what to look for on your college visits related to academic advising.

What Women Should Look for in College STEM Programs

Thinking about studying science, technology, engineering, or mathematics? Read this post for ideas on what to look for as you explore STEM programs on your college visits.

Students With Disabilities and the College Search 

In this post, our Assistant Director for Disability Services, Carolyn Koning, offers some advice for students with disabilities to help the search process go smoothly.

Do Your Research on the Benefits of Undergraduate Research

Most schools talk about opportunities to conduct research as an undergraduate, but not all programs are alike. In this post, you’ll find out what sets programs apart, and why it even matters (did you know undergraduate research helps you develop skills that employers look for?).

5 Reasons It’s Okay to Be Undecided About Your Major

Is your uncertainty around what you want to major in keeping you from scheduling a visit? In this post, Alex Davis, director of academic advising at Meredith, can provide you some peace of mind.

What Your Admissions Counselor Can Do For You

Your admissions counselor will become your best friend throughout the admissions process. Read this post to understand what they can (or should) do for you so you can take full advantage of all they have to offer on your visit and beyond.

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