How Will My Credits Transfer to Meredith?

There are plenty of great reasons to transfer to Meredith College. With our strong reputation, talented faculty, intimate class sizes, and numerous professional opportunities you’ll finish your degree in a community that tailors your education to your passions.

As a transfer student, you probably have questions: “How long will it take for me to complete my degree?” “Will I have to take more classes?” “Will I fit in with the campus community?” “Can I live on campus?” (Yes!)  “Can I study abroad?” (Absolutely!) These are all important questions, but perhaps the most pressing matter on your mind is, “How will my credits transfer?”

Well, we have good news. At Meredith, we want to make your transfer process easy. Whether you are transferring from a four-year college or university, a community college, or a two-year college, we will complete a transfer credit evaluation to ensure you receive the maximum credit hours.

Transferring from a North Carolina Community College (NC-CC) 

Meredith College has articulation agreements with the North Carolina Community College System, which make it easier for you to transfer from an NC-CC and complete your bachelor’s degree at Meredith. 

If you are transferring from an NC-CC, you can view a list of transferrable community college courses and Meredith course equivalencies. It’s important to note that these equivalencies are samples. Official articulation of credit occurs during the application process. 

Many of Meredith’s general education courses have equivalents at NC-CCs. 

List of transferable community college courses

List of general education equivalent courses

Associate of Arts or Associate of Science

If you’ve completed an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree at an NC-CC, you will enter Meredith College as a junior. In addition to the guaranteed transfer of all eligible credit hours, you may qualify for need-based financial aid when you submit the FAFSA. 

Learn more about available scholarships and financial aid

Associate of Fine Arts

Completing an Associate of Fine Arts enables you to pursue entry to Meredith under the AFA Articulation Agreement with NC-CCs. AFA transfer students must also meet the performance-based requirements determined by the Meredith department’s performance standards.

Teacher Education/Educator Preparation Articulation Agreement

If you want to become a teacher, this articulation agreement allows you to seamlessly transfer the credits from your associate degree of art or associate degree of science to Meredith’s teacher education program. 

Learn more about Meredith’s Department of Education

Psychology and Sociology

Community college students who are studying psychology or sociology and want to pursue a four-year degree will benefit from Meredith’s progression degree plan that guides your community college coursework, including general education and prerequisite courses that will transfer to Meredith. 

You’re not alone in the transfer application process! Our admissions counselors are here to walk you through the transfer process and answer any questions you may have. To learn more about becoming a transfer student, contact admissions today. 

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