For Transfer Students: How Will I Find My “Fit”?

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A common concern among transfer students when they are searching for their next institution of higher learning, aside from affordability, is whether or not they will get the full college experience. Transfer students often wonder if they will find their fit. Develop friendships. Be a part of the campus community. Study abroad. Or have a successful college experience.

At Meredith, our transfer students discover that finding their “fit” is less of an obstacle because of the environment that Meredith provides. There are a number of opportunities to get involved and be a part of the community. Being active on campus is the key to developing lifelong friendships and experiencing all that Meredith has to offer. Many of our transfer students hold leadership positions on campus, study abroad, complete internships, and more.

The following alumnae and students know firsthand what it’s like to transfer to a four-year institution and had the same questions when they came to Meredith. Read on to hear how they found their “fit” and what advice they have for transfer students like you.

Finding your place

“I found my place by getting involved in the Sports Science Association. By doing so, I met women who were in my major and I was able to develop friendships. I now have a core group of really good friends that I’ve made during my time here.”  – Cheyanne Moxley, ’19, Exercise & Sports Science Major

“Attending orientation put me in contact with other transfer students. Getting involved on campus by joining a variety of clubs and organizations and attending campus events allowed me to reinforce connections I made but also expand my circle of friends.”  – Donna Bahena, ’18, Psychology Major

“The best part about being at a women’s college was the welcoming, empowering, and accommodating environment that allowed me to be comfortable speaking up in class and gain the confidence to seek out leadership roles on campus.”  – Meredith White, ’15, Biology Major

“I attended orientation before my first day of classes. At orientation, I was paired with other women who were transfers, going into the interior design program. I have never been more inspired by a group of women than the five I was blessed with at orientation. Throughout my first year, we pushed each other to succeed, aspire, and accomplish our goals.” – Abbey Fogt, ’18, Interior Design Major

A little piece of advice

“The hardest part is putting yourself out there. The key is to know yourself and attend the events you feel comfortable attending. Don’t let your doubt about not knowing anyone or missing out on past experiences hold you back. Your experiences are valid and most people on campus love to hear from others. So, join clubs, go to campus events, experience the traditions, and you’ll find your niche faster than you think.”  – Leslie Arreaza, ’19, Psychology Major

“Get involved and stay involved. Because of my involvement within the Meredith community, I have made friendships and connections that will forever be irreplaceable. Although it may seem as though you have fallen behind on some traditions, it is never too late. I personally feel that you value your experiences even more.”  – Racheal Hopkins, ’19, Business Administration Major

“Don’t make excuses for why you shouldn’t do it, instead go for it. Make friends and grow your connections. Don’t just get involved on campus, but also within the community. There are plenty of volunteer and internship opportunities in the area. Use your time wisely and use every resource Meredith has to offer – whatever it is, it will be worth it.”  – Jennifer Orellana, ’19, Family and Consumer Sciences Major

Take a walk in their shoes

The best way to determine if a college is the right fit for you is to visit campus. Nothing can replace the experience of being on campus, talking with current students, meeting with faculty in your area of interest, and sitting in on a class in your intended major. Seeing what the campus is like firsthand can tell you a lot about the environment and help you make the most informed decision. If you feel welcomed and supported on your visit, there’s a pretty good chance you will feel that way when you arrive for your first day on campus – and beyond.

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