5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your College Search

It’s that time of year when many of us take a fresh look at our lives and resolve to make changes to better ourselves: Exercise regularly. Connect with friends we’ve lost touch with. Learn to play an instrument or speak another language.

In this blog post, we offer five New Year’s resolutions that can have a positive impact on your college search experience, whether you’re a senior who’s getting close to making a final decision or a sophomore just starting to build your list of potential colleges.

Resolution #1: Keep an open mind.

The idea that there is one perfect school for you can create a lot of unnecessary stress: what if you don’t get in, or you can’t afford it? It can also prevent you from learning about schools that may not be on your radar but would be a great fit for you and your goals.

Resolution #2: Focus on what’s right for you.

This seems obvious, but your impressions of colleges can be impacted by a lot of different factors – where your friends are going, or which colleges are favored by other members of your family. The truth is, your college search is meant to help you find the college that’s right for YOU – academically, socially, financially, and so on.

Resolution #3: Avoid comparing yourself to others.

This resolution sounds easy but in the college search world, it can be anything but. Especially at certain points in your process, you may feel like it’s the only thing anyone can talk about. Try to avoid comparing your situation to your friends’, for your own mental health – and theirs!

Resolution #4: Visit.

There’s a reason everyone encourages you to visit the schools you’re considering – it really is the best way to determine whether it’s a good fit for you. If you’re having trouble getting there in person, take advantage of the virtual visit options that are available 

Resolution #5: Have fun.

Although it can feel like a grind, your college search can also be enjoyable. Try to focus on the positive aspects of your search – spending time with family, seeing new parts of your state or the country, and learning more about yourself and what you’re interested in doing.

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