Volume 19 of The Colton Review Revealed on CSA Day

An audience in Kresge Auditorium has their eyes fully trained on a blank board propped on an easel at the front of the room. Seats creak as people lean forward to get a better view as the board turns, and a chorus of appreciation fills the space as the cover of Volume 19 of The Colton Review is revealed. 

The Colton Review is Meredith College’s art and literary journal that features work from students, faculty, staff, and alumnae and is produced for and by students. Unveiled on Celebrating Student Achievement Day, the program kicked off with opening remarks from Co-Editors, Sarah Page, ’23, and Tamara Bomparte, ’24. (Shown in photo above)

“This is the culmination of a lot of creative work done by various students on campus, and they are absolutely thrilled you are here today for The Colton Review reveal for Volume 19,” said Page. “One of our favorite things about this publication is getting to have students, faculty, and staff share what they’re passionate about, their vulnerabilities, and their stories, and it’s an incredible experience every year.”

The two explained how the passion of the literary, writing, editing, and design staff positively impacts the process of creating The Colton Review every year.

“Throughout the year, we meet every week going through submissions from students of poetry and prose. Our staff of editors will work with students to revise their pieces and then choose pieces to showcase in our publication,” said Bomparte. 

This year, the journal contains more prose than poetry, with genres from science fiction, horror, and fantasy, to realistic fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.

Up next, Art Director Claire Miller, ’24, discussed the creative process for the overall design of the journal.

“When we started gathering inspiration for this year’s Colton, we gravitated toward an international typographic style, and that emerged in Switzerland in 1950,” said Miller. “Starting from the front cover, we created a spin on the title by having a distinctive shape and flow, which we then carried throughout the design of the journal.”

There were three different award categories; poetry, prose, and art. The runner-ups and winners were announced and invited to read their work or discuss it in front of the audience. 

For poetry, the honorable mention went to “Rain” by Constance Wesley, ’24, second place to “On Growing Up” by Morgan Maddocks, ’23, and first place to “A Recipe for Housekeeping” by Chanelle Allesandre. For prose, the honorable mention went to “Honeysuckle Summers” by Bomparte, second place to “Tending the Flame” by Kate Polaski, ’23, and first to “Aeros” by Camille Duncan, ’23. Finally, for art, honorable mention went to “Through the (Looking) Glass” by Ainsley Rounds, 2nd runner up to “Visible Language” by Miller, 1st runner up to “Invisible” by Morgan Thompson, and best in show to “Crystalizing Vision Loss” by Hannah Schneider, ’22. 

The program wrapped up with an acknowledgment to The Colton Review staff and artists featured, followed by the distribution of the physical copy of the journal and a table lined with cupcakes for attendees to enjoy.

“Many works in this year’s publication deal with reflections on childhood friendships, familial relationships, and the complications that come with them. Maybe as we find ourselves yet another year removed from the beginning of the pandemic, we have found ourselves thinking back on who we used to be, who held us, and who we wish was still here. Perhaps now we have the space to look back and find some catharsis in the past,” wrote The Colton Review staff.

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