USA South Announces Conference Restructuring

The USA South Conference has announced that the conference will now be splitting into 2 separate conferences. The change was announced on February 19, 2022.

The teams that played in the Western Division will now be a part of the new conference, which will be known as the “Collegiate Conference of the South” (CCS). 

The remaining teams, including Meredith, will remain in the USA South Athletic Conference. 

Meredith College President Jo Allen serves as chair of the USA South Presidents Council. In this capacity, Allen spoke on behalf of the conference’s presidents in the official news release.

“Our decision to build and split the USA South into two strong conferences has been strategic and collegial at every turn,” said Allen. “We have carefully and thoughtfully planned to build these two conferences as exemplary of our collective commitment to student-athletes and their experience as both students and athletes.”

With this change, the USA South Athletic Conference is no longer the NCAA’s largest athletic conference. 

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