Thanking Scholarship Donors 

Institutional Advancement held the Senior Scholarship and Donor Recognition Dinner on Thursday, April 21, at The Royal, across from Meredith’s campus. The dinner pairs scholarship donors and their senior, allowing students the opportunity to say thank you and donors to learn more about the individuals they are supporting. More than 150 were in attendance at the event, with many students meeting their donors for the first time.

Madison Parker, ʼ22, emceed the event and introduced President Jo Allen at the beginning of the program.

“Hearing stories from donors and why you give to Meredith College always makes us feel grateful for your generosity,” said President Allen. “I am happy to be in a room of givers tonight. I am also proud of our seniors’ achievements, especially their resilience during COVID. We cannot thank our donors enough and students enough for being the bright lights that they are.” 

Katherine Edwards, ʼ22, a double major in religion and psychology, spoke about how Meredith has helped her see things that she did not see before. Her journey started out with one major, but a general education course in religion changed her path. 

“When I first entered Meredith, I knew I wanted to major in psychology, but Meredith has shined a light on other passions of mine that were previously hidden,” said Edwards. “I took a religion class for a general education credit, and then another because I had a free spot, and after taking Jesus and the Gospels I was hooked and decided to major in religion as well. I also added a history minor because of one extremely caring history professor. I could not have done all of this without your financial support to help me attend this college. You all have helped lighten my financial burden so that I can study and grow to be a light in this world beyond Meredith College.” 

Leah Campbell, ʼ22, a fashion merchandising major, spoke about how Meredith was the only college she was interested in attending and how her experiences over the last four years have shaped her into the student-athlete she is today.

“I was eager to enter into one of the few fashion merchandising programs in the state with professors I knew would help set me up for success. I was also eager for the opportunity to fulfill my dream of being a college athlete on the golf team,” said Campbell. “My Meredith experience would not have been possible without generous alumnae and friends of the College such as those of you in this room tonight who have directly impacted students such as myself. These scholarships remind us that we are doing a good job and mostly that someone who we may have never met until tonight, also believes in us as students to exceed not only in our academics but also as aspiring professionals.” 

Astra Ball, director of advancement services, coordinates this event. The event had not taken place since 2019 and she was pleased to once again bring donors and seniors together. 

“This was such a special event. It was the first time that we hosted the event for seniors and their donors,” said Ball. “Many of these donors have seen these students blossom and grow as women. Several of the donors commented on the confidence of these students and how proud they were to support women who were ready to meet the challenges of our community.”

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