Success Coaches Offer Time Management Class to Great…Well, Success!

This semester marks the first time that the Student Success Center has offered courses designed to help students develop and improve key skills that are essential to college success. The first of these courses, offered during the first half of Spring 2023, was all about time management. In addition to practical skills, like how to prioritize assignments, success coaches Lynn Ghodbane and Taylor Mullins gave students the opportunity to apply their time management skills and develop good habits. Students also had the opportunity to reflect on their own goals and motivations, allowing them to engage with their education as an opportunity to exercise responsibility and accountability in the way that they manage their time.

In addition to supplying students with crucial time management skills, this course has given students the opportunity to set realistic academic goals and practice self-efficacy in pursuit of those goals. Falyn, a first-year student, reflected, “I have learned more ways to find the will to do my assignments and I feel great success after I do so.” Beyond practical skills, this course has helped students develop resilience that they will carry with them throughout their college experience. Another student who took this course observed, “This class has taught me that I am more than capable of applying myself and that it is okay to have off days, but to not let that affect how you move forward in life.” 

The time management skills that students have learned during this course will continue to serve these students long after graduation. The Student Success Center plans to offer more classes focusing on time management and other skills that Meredith students can carry with them as tools to support their present and future success.

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