StrongPoints® Holds Financial Literacy Workshops

The StrongPoints® team at Meredith College collaborated with United Bank to hold weekly workshops in celebration of Financial Literacy Month, which is observed in April. 

Financial literacy is one of four pillars of the StrongPoints program; the others are academics, experiential learning, and career.

Four sessions are being held weekly throughout the month of April. Community members can register on Handshake.

  • April 5 – Budgeting – Making a Spending Plan
  • April 12 – Charge it Right- Credit Reports and Scores
  • April 19 – Protecting your Identity and Other Assets
  • April 26 – Pay yourself First- What is Your Spending and Savings Plan

According to Beth Hwang, director of StrongPoints, the partnership with United Bank was a perfect fit.

“Our office reached out to United Bank because the organization offers free financial literacy resources. They have a passion for financial education that aligns with our goals for the financial pillar.”

Hwang said she believes students need to learn about financial literacy because it is often seen as a taboo topic, but is critical to their future.

“It is important to educate our community about financial literacy because it seems as if we are supposed to just know how to diversify our investments, save for a house, manage a credit card/score, and more,” she said. “There are appropriate spaces to talk about certain financial topics, but the overall silence is leading people to feel alone in the unknown. I want people to know they aren’t alone.”

Kate Perko, ’23, attended the budgeting workshop because as she approaches graduation and assumes greater responsibility for bills, taxes, and more, she wants to have a better understanding of how to manage her personal finances.

“I learned that some of the most financially successful people track each purchase they make,” said Perko. “Just like I manage my time on my calendar to see when I have time, I should also be tracking my money just as thoroughly so that things don’t slip through the cracks.”

This is precisely why Hwang said she sees financial literacy as essential to the StrongPoints program.

“The financial pillar is extremely important to our students as we prepare them to live independently and support themselves financially. The gender pay gap, inflation, and salary transparency impact how our students prepare for life after college.”

Hwang said she hopes participants gain knowledge that can be applied to their short and long-term financial goals. 

“Everyone comes from a different financial background and has diverse financial situations and experiences, so it is important to apply the workshop content to their personal and professional lives to get the most out of this series of workshops.”

About StrongPoints

StrongPoints is a unique advising and personal coaching program that’s designed to help students make the most of college.

Through this comprehensive initiative, students identify their strengths and then build on them. They explore academic and experiential activities, increase their financial literacy, and examine potential career paths. Guided by expert faculty and staff advisors, they develop a flexible plan to achieve their goals in college – and after graduation.

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