Staying Strong: Resources Available for Commuters

The following information was provided recently to Meredith commuter students to answer questions they may have about what spaces are available for their use when on campus. The information provided here applies to all students but is of special interest to commuters.

Commuter students may want to use campus spaces to attend online classes or to study between classes. Meredith students can use the Carlyle Campbell Library as a space to attend online classes. Students must wear face coverings while in the library and must bring their Meredith ID to enter the library. Guests are not permitted.

As a courtesy, students attending Zoom classes in the library are asked to wear headphones and speak quietly. We ask students not to “attend” class on the top floor of the library, which is reserved for quiet study. The library does have a limited number of study rooms that are available on a first come/first served basis. Stop at the Borrow desk to check for availability. The library patio has good Wi-Fi access as well as tables and chairs.

In addition to outdoor seating areas around campus, the library, and first and second floor Cate Center, students may use unoccupied classrooms to do work or to study. Please be sure to double check the class schedule and occupancy limit, wear a face covering, follow instructions on where to sit, and wipe down your area afterwards. Class schedules should be posted for each room on or near the classroom door.

Outdoor patio spaces, the Cate Center, and Carlyle Campbell Library are also available for students who want to eat or relax between classes. Belk Dining Hall, the BeeHive, and Food For Thought are also operating this semester.

Melyssa Allen

News Director
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