Sky’s the Limit, Pen is the Pathway

Author, blogger, and world traveler Genevieve Parker Hill, ’07, uses her creative writing degree to pursue her passion for coaching and supporting other writers. Hill is Meredith College’s first creative writing major, having designed the major herself with the support of the English department faculty.

The experience of creating her own major taught her how to be self-driven, a valuable skill for her career now as a self-employed writer.

“There’s no boss giving me deadlines,” said Hill. “It can be hard to get anything done when it’s just me choosing whether to outline my next book or check Facebook.”

As a self-published author and a writer for her blog “Simple Living Toolkit,” Hill has to balance the many different aspects of her career from promoting her books to answering emails for her blog. Having developed her own major not only prepared her for becoming a best-selling author but also helped her gain the independence and drive she needs to propel her career forward.

Hill fell in love with traveling after her study abroad experience in France and England. One of the things she enjoys most about her career is that it can travel with her, giving her the freedom to sustain her wanderlust. “I can write from anywhere. All I need is a laptop and a solid internet connection to upload my work. It’s truly wonderful,” said Hill.

Currently living in Ukraine, she hopes to continue exploring as many countries as she can and is particularly interested in spending some time in South America to practice her Spanish.

Her blog was the inspiration behind her first two books. She wanted to help people embrace a minimalist lifestyle, focusing less on material things and more on experiences and relationships, but recently she expanded her publications after co-authoring a cookbook with her husband Thomas Hill.

She decided to continue expanding her target audience by starting her own website dedicated to supporting and coaching upcoming writers. Her newest book, The Wealthy Creative: 24 Successful Artists and Writers Share Their Winning Habits, hopes to inspire people trying to break into the creative field and build a successful career through the compiled advice of successful authors, artists, and designers who have broken through that barrier.

“I love words. I love stories. I love nonfiction. Mostly, I love to read,” Hill said. “Books are such friends that I wanted to create some of my own. I love knowing that my books are helping and inspiring people.”

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