Sansepolcro Welcomes 12 More Meredith Students

The spring 2017 semester finds 12 intrepid women, ranging from freshmen to seniors, studying in the heart of Sansepolcro at our lovely Palazzo Alberti.

Professor of Art Beth Mulvaney is the faculty in residence, accompanied by her husband Steve Gaddis, who is an architect and a “bonus” faculty member. The students are all taking Italian language courses, a course focusing on Italy today taught by Associate Director of Meredith in Italy Sara Andreini, who is our onsite coordinator, a course focused on traveling to learn/learn to travel, at least one of the two art history courses taught by Mulvaney. They also have the option of taking an English literature course and yoga.

The students already have traveled successfully on their own for one independent travel break (some to Paris, some to Naples, and one to Siena), and in April each will embark on another independent travel break. The entire program is preparing to take a group excursion to Venice, where students enrolled in Mulvaney’s Venetian Art & Architecture course will make presentations onsite at the buildings where they have been researching associated works of art. For more information about the travels and adventures of this group, please follow our blog. 

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