President’s Message of Support Following the Chauvin Trial Verdict

The message below was shared by Meredith College President Jo Allen, ’80.

To the Meredith Community:

Yesterday, like many around the world, I waited anxiously for the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former police officer charged with the murder of George Floyd. When the guilty verdicts were read, it brought a sense of accountability, not justice. Justice will come when Black Americans do not have to fear for their lives because of inequality and police violence.

As many leaders have said, justice would be a world in which George Floyd was still alive. His tragic death last year was the impetus for organizations around the world –including Meredith College — to examine inequality, injustice, and our roles in systemic racism. The result of this trial is just one step toward the justice this country must work toward. Meredith College remains committed to taking the time to make thoughtful, inclusive, and long-lasting changes in our own community.

I want to remind faculty and supervisors that our students and employees, especially BIPOC members of our community, may need support and space to process their feelings today. The trial, and what it has put on display, has been traumatic.

I also encourage you to reach out for support from professional resources here at Meredith. Students can seek support from our Counseling Center, Chaplain, and the Dean of Students staff. Our Chaplain can also be a resource for faculty and staff.


Jo Allen
President, Meredith College

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