Parents Fund Project will Enhance Quality of Life for Students

This year the Parents Fund raised $56,148, surpassing the goal by more than $6,000. This amount was the most raised by Meredith parents in the 13 years since The Parents Fund was created. The money will be used to improve the Fitness Center in the Weatherspoon Complex.

“We are proud of our parents’ engagement with the campus community and their strong tradition of financial support for The Parents Fund. Parents and families who give back to Meredith serve as a testament to the unique strengths of the Meredith experience,” said Margo Alfieri, ʼ11, parents gift officer.

Quality of life is one of the six priorities in the Meredith strategic plan and the College is committed to looking after the health and well-being of the Meredith community. Based on feedback from students, the College recognized that the Fitness Center needed new equipment, longer operating hours, and additional fitness-related programs.

“We were glad to help students like our daughter, who aren’t participating in team sports, have a better place on campus where they can exercise and enjoy physical activity,” said Margaret Marshall. “The upgrades are certainly going to make the Fitness Center more appealing to more students.”

Each year, gifts from parents are designated to The Parents Fund, a special component of the annual fund, which helps to improve a campus project. Past parent projects have included campus lighting, a fountain restoration, renovations to the student center and lower Belk Dining Hall.

“The Parents Fund does a good job of identifying needs on campus that students have said warrant improvement and quickly implementing a solution,” said Marshall.

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