Parents and Families Projects Make an Immediate Impact

Since 2010 parents and families at Meredith College have supported a campus project each year that benefits all students in some way. These projects have enabled Meredith to improve spaces and launch programs that contribute to a positive experience during students’ time on campus.

The projects each year are identified by students, and investments from parents, grandparents, and Parents and Families Council members give Meredith funding to make improvements immediately.

“Annual parents and families projects have made a significant impact on Meredith students,” said Kim Whitley, ’85, parent and reunion gift officer. “Without the support of many families, these projects would not have been possible. We invite all parents and families to be a part of these projects that continue to make Meredith students strong!”

Carroll Hall was chosen as the Parents and Families Project the last two years because of the importance of physical and mental health to all Meredith students. Meredith’s Health, Counseling, and Disability Services, housed in Carroll Hall, have seen unprecedented demand as students have dealt with never-imagined challenges since March 2020 and more demand has been placed on the staff and facilities that provide these critical services.

In 2020-21, $55,000 was raised to purchase an electronic records system for student privacy and security and staff efficiency. The goal for 2021-22 is $50,000 and parents and families have already raised $29,415. The funds will be used to provide needed upgrades to facilities such as a new air filtration system, new furnishings, and funds to hire and train additional staff.

“Dean and I were very pleased to hear the Parents and Families Project selected this year was Carroll Hall. The facilities have not been updated in many years and health records are still on paper, a very burdensome system for both the staff and students,” said Gail Bunce, parent of Alison Bunce, ’22. “Add in the opportunity to support counseling with additional staff that are needed during this pandemic and the chance to improve the health facility to be a safe and welcoming place for students and staff is why we decided to support this year’s project.”

A project to enhance campus security was also embraced by parents and families in 2018. “During the enrollment process of our daughter Celia in the spring of 2018, we were highly impressed by the curriculum and many of the programs offered at Meredith College. However, one element that we considered during the college selection process is the safety of the campus and although Meredith had a great reputation for safety, we felt campus security needed improvement,” said Maria Kofsky. “We were pleased when we learned that the Parents and Families Project selected for 2018 was enhanced campus security and the funds were used to add to the increased safety of the campus such as the installation of an electric stop arm at the guard house for nighttime hours.”

Whitley appreciates parents’ and families’ engagement with the campus community and the strong tradition of financial support of the Parents and Families Fund.

“Parents and families who give back to Meredith serve as a testament to the unique strengths of the Meredith experience,” said Whitley.

Past Parent and Families Projects
  • Meredith’s Health, Counseling, and Disability Services, housed in Carroll Hall
  • Meredith Mentors – Meredith’s exclusive student-alumnae online networking platform
  • Enhanced security at the Hillsborough Street gate that enabled 24-hour campus security
  • Lowery Fitness Center – funding from parents and families joined with other donor funds to convert unused pool area to state-of-the-art fitness center for classes, athletic training, and use by students and employees
  • Fitness center program enhancements and extended operating hours
  • New campus lighting that provided heightened campus security
  • Lower Belk Dining Hall restoration that provided needed flexible meeting space to accommodate a variety of group sizes
  • Cate Student Center renovations
  • Fannie E.S. Heck Fountain restoration


If you are interested in giving to this year’s project, your charitable contribution will make a difference in the lives of our students. Your support will strengthen the Health Center experience for our students and campus community. Make a gift.

To learn more about the Parents and Families Fund and Parents and Families Council visit. Learn more about the Parents and Families Fund and Council.

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