New CSA Day Exhibition in the Library

Celebrating Student Achievement (CSA) Day is culmination of creativity, hard work, and dedication on the part of students and faculty advisors. These projects start with a spark of an idea in a student’s mind, then with research and faculty guidance can grow to become theses, presentations, and in some cases dance and music performances and even fashion shows.  The library continues to celebrate CSA Day year-round with an updated exhibition showcasing students’ work from this past year.

The new posters and videos cover biology, chemistry, communication, English, exercise science, politics, and psychology to name a few of the fields of study represented. On display too are beautiful fashion ensembles created by Avonee’ Simmons that were inspired by African Folklore. She has loaned us two pieces for which she used natural indigo dye and the Batik technique. Also on display is an interior design project from soon to be graduate Asia Taylor. Her design project focuses on an apartment building located in Hawaii that anyone would love to live in called The Kaiolohia, which means calm sea.

If someone could not make it to a presentation, the display provides an opportunity for people to see something they may have missed. This is also a way for students to showcase their projects to their parents when they visit the campus. Students can also put this exhibition on their resumes. The exhibition will stay up year round and the posters will be refreshed throughout the semesters. The posters on display now are listed out below as well as the videos available to view.

Video Recordings:

  • Maryam Ahmed, “The Rubik’s Cube Group and the Search for God’s Number”
  • Ann Cox, “Agents of Peace: Women’s Conflict Resolution Strategies in the Developing World”
  • Molly Davis, “Explorations of Gender in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia”
  • Mary Kolisnichenko and Maria-Fernanda Diaz-Jimenez, “The Impact of Women on Budget Priorities of Counties in North Carolina”
  • Meredith Pope, “Does the Geographic Location of a Student’s High School Affect Her Experiences in College?”
  • Veronica Puente, “Accessibility in Higher Education for College Students with Visual Disabilities”
  • McKenna Rider, “Cell Phone and Academic Performance Analysis”
  • Avonee’ Simmons, “African Folklore Inspirations: Creative Project Using Natural Dyes”
  • Sarah Smerko, “Wife of Bath: Agent or Victim?”
  • Anderson Woodson, Nishi Jindal, Kimberly Worley, Miranda Daughtry, and Jasmine Williams, “Environmental Surveillance of Zoonotic Pathogens”

Poster Information:

  • Miranda Ameen-Hair of the Dog…Well Fungus: Identifying Fungal Primers
  • Jessica Lancaster-The Impact of the Peer-Peer Support Specialist Relationship on One’s Road to Recovery
  • Nicole De Naeyer-Combating Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics: Synthesis and Analysis of Ciprofloxacin Derivatives to Improve Antibacterial Properties
  • Ashley Souphanthavong-The Effects of Warm-up Modality on Power, Agility and Flexibility in Exercise Performance

Fashion and Interior Design Display Information:

  • Avonee’ Simmons-African Folklore Inspirations: Creative Project Using Natural Dyes
  • Asia Taylor-The Kaiolohia

–Submitted by Amanda Sullivan, Research and Instruction Librarian

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