New Agreement with West Virginia University Will Benefit Meredith Pre-Health Students

Meredith College and West Virginia University (WVU) have announced a new agreement that will benefit pre-health students in Meredith’s undergraduate and post-baccalaureate programs.

Under this agreement, qualified Meredith students will be guaranteed an interview with WVU School of Medicine. The opportunity will be open to all Meredith students who meet the requirements. 

Meredith is WVU’s first partner school in North Carolina, a testament to its reputation as a school that provides strong pre-medical advising.

Professor and Department Head of Biological Sciences Jason Andrus spoke on behalf of Meredith. “This is an opportunity to celebrate a great new collaboration with a fantastic university that we hope our students will be able to take advantage of to the fullest.”

Partnership Requirements
This partnership will provide undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students who meet the requirements of the articulation agreement with the opportunity of a guaranteed interview with WVU School of Medicine.

For undergraduate students the requirements include being a Meredith student for at least one year, 3.5 GPA, a 506 on the MCAT (125 or higher on each section), good professional standing in the College and community, and attendance at WVU School of Medicine pre-medical events.

For post-baccalaureate students, attendance at Meredith for at least one semester, 3.6 GPA in the post-baccalaureate program, a 506 on the MCAT (125 or higher on each section), good professional standing in the College and community, and attendance at WVU School of Medicine pre-medical events.

The opportunity is available to all students who meet the criteria. There are no limits on the number of students who will be able to take advantage of the agreement.

Improving the Odds

Andrus noted that overall, medical schools admit between 1%-20% of all applicants.

“With this agreement, we have improved the odds for our students to gain admittance into medical school,” said Andrus.

Andrus reminded those gathered that a career in medicine is “first and foremost a career of service,” noting a lack of medical care in rural areas. 

WVU School of Medicine endeavors to meet this need by requiring part of its training to be in rural healthcare settings. Meredith students in the program will be invited to participate in the medical school’s Rural Health Day. 

Five people with an award at the articulation agreement signing for our pre-health program with West Virginia University medical school.“This is service in the name of care and well-being of its community. This experience aligns with our values here at Meredith College,” Andrus said. “We believe that many of our students will be ideal candidates to continue their medical training at West Virginia University and we will ensure that our students continue to embody the mission and values of our new partner.”

A celebration of the agreement was held on March 29, 2023, in the atrium of the Science and Mathematics Building. Representing West Virginia University School of Medicine were Lauren Wamsley, Director of Outreach and Recruitment, and Dr. Linda Nield, Associate Dean for Admissions.

Nield said WVU leaders were attracted to Meredith College because of the strength of the pre-health program.

“We could tell by our interactions with past students that you were already receiving outstanding pre-medical advice which is not found at all colleges. You are already getting a strong foundation at Meredith,” Nield said.

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Photo information: Photos show WVU School of Medicine representatives with Meredith College pre-health faculty

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