Message from Student Success Center Director

Dear Meredith families,

We’re having a great year so far, and we hope your students are adjusting well to life at Meredith! As I write this on October 27, 2022, Meredith marks the beginning of spring registration. Students have been given a specific time in the next two weeks to claim their spots in the classes of their choice for next semester. 

Here in the Student Success Center, we hope your student has had the opportunity to meet with their faculty advisor, their student advisors, their success coach, and other people around campus who are here to support them. Each student at Meredith receives a personalized academic plan for next semester, and all they need to do is make sure to mark their calendars for the time that they are eligible to register. I’ve been likening this to buying concert tickets. The closer to the opening window the student registers, the more likely it is that they will get good seats in those classes they want and need. If your student has questions, please direct them to their success coach and their faculty advisor.

In general though, it’s important to remember that students who complete fifteen to sixteen semester hours successfully each semester are more likely to reach the 124 credit hours required for graduation in four years. Making sure that students have the time and space and energy to complete the studying for those classes is key to helping them become college graduates in a timely fashion! 

Fifteen credit hours should require approximately thirty hours of study and work outside of class. We count on families to help ensure that students can prioritize the full-time commitment they’ve made to school, but we’re here to help if students need tricks and tips for making the most out of that time. Please remind students that we’re here for them if they aren’t sure how to best use those thirty hours! 

Making an appointment with a tutor or a success coach is easy! They just visit

Two people stand next to a sign depicting where the Student Success Center is.Here’s a picture of two of our amazing Success Coaches, Lynn Ghodbane and Taylor Mullins! They’re wonderful people, and, as they will say themselves, their WHOLE JOB is helping to make sure your students are successful!

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!

Tina Romanelli, Director of the Student Success Center

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News Director
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