Meredith Undergraduate Research Program Supports Summer Projects

Ten Meredith College students were chosen to work with faculty mentors this summer on undergraduate research projects supported by Meredith’s Undergraduate Research Program.

The following students were selected to participate in undergraduate research this summer:

  • Chanelle Bergeron, ’23,  “Looking Elsewhere: Peering into the Unknown with Prose,” with Assistant Professor of English Jayme Ringleb.
  • Kristin Burroughs, ’23,  “Inclusiveness of Playgrounds,” with Assistant Professor of Child Development Pamela Norcross
  • Taylor Eaton, ’22,  “Using Soybean Seeds as Model System to Replicate Procedures used for Arabidopsis Shoots from Roots,” with Professor of Biological Sciences Robert Reid.
  • Wahalyn Francis, ’26, and Melissa Taylor, ’25, “The Interpreter: A History Publication,” with Assistant Professor of English Jennifer Burgess, Assistant Professor of History Amy O’Keefe, and Associate Professor of History Angela Robbins.
  • Abby Inman, ’23,  “Effects of Covid-19 on Children with Special Needs,” with Assistant Professor of Child Development Pamela Norcross.
  • Aiman Jamadar, ’24, “Synthesis and characterization of carbazole dyes for dye-sensitized solar cell applications,” with Associate Professor of Chemistry Sasha Ormond.
  • Aminah Jenkins, ’23, “Contextualizing the Practices of BIPOC Educators,” with Assistant Professor of Education Christoph Stutts.
  • Kara Solomon, ’24, “Investigating Skin Microbiota of Fungal Infection Susceptibility in Salamander Hosts,” with Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Megan Serr and Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Carolina Perez-Heydrich
  • Samantha Travis, ‘’23, “Tracking wild house mice ( Mus musculus) and examining societal perspectives on using gene drives for conservation,” with Assistant Professor of Biology Megan Serr.

Monetary stipends for summer research projects are funded by the Shepard K. Halsch Endowment for undergraduate research.

Undergraduate research is an important part of the academic experience at Meredith College, with 47 percent of students participating in undergraduate research. Compared with other college students nationally, 24% more Meredith students conduct research with faculty.

For more examples of recent research, visit Meredith’s Virtual Celebrating Student Achievement Day YouTube channel.

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