Meredith Students Offer Advice for Incoming Freshmen

To help the Class of 2021 have a strong start to their Meredith experience, the Office of Admissions asked students to share advice that they believe would benefit an incoming freshman. We will post student advice on a variety of Meredith topics throughout the summer.

This week’s question: What advice would you offer an incoming freshman on how to be a strong student at Meredith? What advice helped you as a freshman?

“Don’t be afraid to not be good at something. If you don’t try, you will never know. If you fail, you can learn from that experience. There are will always be people there to help you get back up on your feet. Sometimes you might surprise yourself and become a leader in something you never expected.” –Jessica Bunn,’19, a Chemistry and Biology major from Wilson, N.C.

“Never be afraid to ask for help. Take advantage of the abundant resources Meredith has to offer you in your transition to college.” —Alli Barrow, ’20, a Business Administration major from Goldsboro, N.C.

“Make sure you take advantage of the many resources, like-minded peers, office hours, extracurricular activities, club/organization positions, and diverse opportunities Meredith offers. The advice that helped me the most was to be open to different opportunities and get out of my comfort zone. This has enabled me to use my potential to the fullest. Hence, I confidently agree with the saying ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,’.”— Helina Biru, ’18, an Interior Design major from Ethiopia.

“Plan your time. College is different from high school with more classes, more independence, and more extracurricular activities. Many freshmen enter college and want to participate in every club offered at Meredith, but this is, of course, impossible. One bit of advice that helped me as a freshman was to get involved in organizations that you are passionate about in life. If you are not sure if you would like to make a full commitment to a club, go to the first meeting and listen to the club officers describe their expectations, ask questions, and then make your decision. Get involved, but don’t overcommit yourself.” —Kristin Bradsher, ’20, an English major from Apex, N.C.

“Know that the most meaningful college experience is unique to each individual. Think about what your passions are and how you can use them to contribute to your own experience and your new community at Meredith. Make room in your schedule for things that you really love, whether it is art, writing, athletics, or anything else, and then try to incorporate it into your life on campus. Also try to recognize and celebrate your peers’ strengths. You will be surrounded by talented women that have so much to contribute to your own learning.” —Belle Williams, ’19, a Spanish and International Studies major who is also earning K-12 licensure from Sanford, N.C.

“Be yourself and know that you’re good enough! Take on as many opportunities as you can to discover what your real passions are and what you are meant to do. Don’t be afraid to speak up and talk to your professors and other students.” —Mary Kolisnichenko, ’19, a Mathematics and Economics major from Luhansk, Ukraine.

“The Learning Center and faculty office hours are the best resources for students struggling in a class. I went to the Learning Center for one of my math classes and it helped me understand the topic we were learning because my tutor was able to explain things in a different way.” —Kaitlin Toxey, ’18, a Psychology and Communication major from Raleigh, N.C.

“Take care of your health before you become drained. You do not want to be sleep deprived and malnourished for an exam, because your body will crash. The advice I was given as a freshman is to try new things but know my limits. If I want to take a class that is not my strongest subject, then I know I can’t stack other responsibilities on top of it.” —Yessy Anorve-Basoria, ’19, a Communication major from Apex, N.C.

“A strong student excels by striving to reach their personal best. I have realized that becoming a part of the Meredith community was the best way for me to excel beyond what I thought was my personal best. Now I am involved in multiple leadership roles, organizations, and activities that have given my college experience even more value.” —Blake Elmore, ’18, a Business Administration and Fashion Merchandising major from Lexington, N.C.

Look for more insight from Meredith students throughout the summer.

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