Meredith Students Learn About the Pillars of Health

At Meredith College, the health and wellness of students is a top priority and key to going strong. That’s why on Wednesday, February 16, the Office of the Chaplain began a three-week series for students about the pillars of health and wellness. 

Kim Johnson, M.Ed, who is passionate about health and wellness,  facilitates the series. According to Johnson, the pillars of health are sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, nutrition, stress, and relationships. 

“These lifestyle factors are what functional medicine refers to as our pillars of health. Things that hold us up, support us like legs of a table,” said Johnson. “There are many things that we can choose to do to affect this part of our health factors.” 

The next three weeks will allow students to play an active role in identifying and assessing their current health with interactive exercises (with COVID-19 precautions in place). 

Johnson said finding balance within all five pillars of wellness would help students feel better both physically and mentally.

“You are the expert in your world about what is healthy for you given your circumstances right now,” said Johnson, “I want to begin to identify and draw on the internal strengths that might help you achieve your goals.”

Johnson hopes this workshop series will assist students in creating life-long healthy habits. 

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