Meredith Student Wins Clorox Case Competition

While researching possible internships for students, Assistant Professor of Marketing Lisa Monahan came across the Burt’s Bees Case Competition, sponsored by parent company Clorox, which has an office in Durham.

“Most of the big consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms are based in the New York City area or midwest. Obviously not only are the roles competitive, these types of places usually have specific schools they recruit from and more often than not they require an MBA,” said Monahan. “I encouraged Jeanine to apply. I thought maybe it was a long shot, but then she was accepted – and won!”

Jeanine Carryl, ’22, is a computer science major who took a Principles of Marketing course with Monahan. In the process, Carryl discovered she has a real knack for marketing.

“We started talking about things I can do independently to learn more about marketing and she shared opportunities that came across her desk,” said Carryl. “Dr. Monahan sent me the information about the competition and explained that it was similar to the final project I completed in her class.”

Students were selected from a nationwide pool, assigned to work in teams on a Burt’s Bees sustainability case study, and then proposed solutions that could positively impact business. 

“My favorite part was learning about the history of Burt’s Bees,” said Carryl. “There was so much history of the brand that I don’t think most people really know.”

For Carryl, the most challenging aspect was managing her nerves.

“It was very daunting to be around other competitors who’ve had more experience with business,” she said “This was the first time I’ve worked with a group that specializes in a different field than I and to see our presentation come together was amazing. We worked exceptionally well together and took our time in developing each aspect of the project.

The winning team was invited to present their work to a panel of top Clorox executives.

Carryl said she can see herself further exploring and learning more about digital marketing. She also sees value in challenging herself to step outside of the normal disciplinary parameters.

“I think the biggest takeaway is to explore opportunities even if you don’t feel completely comfortable,” she said. “Take each opportunity as a learning experience.”

Monahan was thrilled by her student’s success, but not necessarily surprised.

“She is an incredibly intuitive marketer and just an all-around amazing student and person,” said Monahan.

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